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Hello Empath

I’m an overthinker

An over lover

I feel things deeply 

I don’t feel anything small

I use my heart as a base to understanding

I use my head to sort through emotions

I don’t see in black and white

I see in every color of the rainbow

There is not just right and wrong

There are circumstances and stories, and challenges

That face us everyday

That shape our ideals

That shape our decisions and how we perceive the world

There is not just right or wrong

You can’t just be a good person or a bad person

Every single thing we do shapes us 

People use pressures in society as motive

To act selfishly and unkind

The world is not black and while 

I don’t see things in contrast 

Rather absorb all that’s around me in ultra vibrant colors

I let other people’s pain sit with me as if it were my own 

I can see grief when I look someone in the eye 

I wear the shoes of those trudging through their own tough journey

And try to lift some weight from their shoulders so they may feel relief

I feel other people’s victories with pride and joy for their accomplishments 

I don’t feel in small quantities

I feel in oceans, with waves crashing on the shore all the time

So I overthink my actions, I over analyze the words I have said 

To try to understand if I’m at fault, for any of the hurt in the world

I don’t compartmentalization

And I believe emotions make you strong, 

And showing them makes you even stronger 

If I can lift the pain for one second for even one person

I think the world would be a better place

If we can sit down with a complete opposite and listen, and try to understand 

One by one we can create a wave of change to shape tomorrow

I enjoy making people laugh

Whether it’s through tears of pain or tears of joy 

And I like to share what I have with others

Even if it’s a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on

And if it’s my own day of darkness, I only hope there is another empath out there who eyes and feels the world like I do, to help me through it 

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