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Love songs

Do you ever hear a love song

About two souls meeting?

It’s beautiful and sad at the same time,

Two souls colliding, one lost without the other

Do you ever think of yourself as both souls?

Having come together with the part of you, that makes you happy

The beauty of being with that soul

How it makes you light up

How you feel you can do anything

Have you ever heard a love song

That brought you sorrow

Two souls forever saying goodbye

A feeling we all know well

Have you ever thought of yourself as both souls in a love song

Separated and so desperate to be back with the other

Like you’ve lost the love of your life

And you aren’t sure how to get it back

I feel like both people in a love song

The kind you play on repeat

The kind you so deeply understand from all angles

Right now I’m the two souls

And I feel that I’ve lost myself

Have you ever heard a love song,

And thought, this is about me

I am two souls, in love with who I used to be, how can I get myself back

How do you get your lover back?

How does one get over the loss?

Can you come back to a relationship with yourself

If your other half has made mistakes, can you forgive

If your other half is buried so far away that you feel you will never see them again

Can you find them again and join souls again?

I’m both the lover and the lost love

I’m the one begging for myself to come home

I’m the one who feels empty without me

I am the one who walks the lonely road

Searching for myself

So I can apologize and come back home

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