Kratom- Dangerous or Medicinal ?

I recently read an article posted by Forbes Magazine. It was about Kratom users, their stories, and whether or not the drug/supplement is dangerous. I was writing a response via email, and decided I would take it to my blog to see if anyone else has used it, if it helps them or not, and my story with Kratom.

During the time I was strongly affected by my DUI, from the night of the accident, the numerous trials, the mandatory group therapy/substance abuse classes, sentencing, jail and everything that came along with my first months on probation.. I was having severe, crippling anxiety attacks, they would happen right when I got to work, or right after another hearing, or after a conversation with someone about something completely normal..

I would have these terrible attacks. I thought it was a heart attack,I knew it was coming, I could sense it, and knew I couldn’t do anything to stop this tornado ripping through my mind. I would cry and run to the restroom, or down a stairwell where I could be alone. Knowing that my thoughts and behaviors seemed irrational (maybe) but not being able to calm myself down before after or during one of these episodes. I left work early A LOT. My boss started getting on me about my hours not having any idea what I was going through, and my dr started prescribing me everything in the book to combat all my symptoms. For a while I had 8 different prescriptions.

I told my group therapy class about my struggles, I previously was able to use marijuana to help deal with my anxiety and depression, but after my sentencing, they revoked my use of marijuana, which was very difficult for me to overcome. I brought this up to my class, and asked how to overcome all of this

My friend, was a heroin addict. He had been clean for 3 years (which was so surprising because he was so young) he told me about Kratom and how it had changed his life, and likely the reason he was still alive. Once the words came out, the class chimed in with their stories about this miracle supplement. “It gives you energy” “it makes you feel good” “it improves your mood” “it makes you feel like a little high but not like weed high” “it can help with anxiety, depression and chronic pain” I was so skeptical at first because the room is filled with people in recovery, talking about a drug that’s not really a drug and wouldn’t show up on your drug test, but had the effects of a drug.

It wasn’t until months later, after I had been rear ended in a car accident, that I was suffering through migraines and constant headaches that I went to the “wellness” store which my class had all referenced me to go to.

This place was in a strip mall type building, and had vague signage to get you up the stairs and to the doors. It was an old office, with one desk and 3 employees. I met a young man with dreadlocks who had glossed over eyes, who greeted me with a very friendly approach and said “have you ever been in here before?” I explained to him that no, I hadn’t but had a lot of friends who recommended that I try Kratom. He asked me why I wanted to try it, I told him about the headaches and not being able to use weed anymore. I told him about my DUI and about my anxiety and stress levels, and much like a weed store, he helped me narrow down the vast menu of strains, to a blend that he thought would help me. He expplaied everythign to me, I had no idea that ingesting this would have so many steps, but it did. First he showed me how to measure the right dosage, warning me not to take too much or you would feel really sick and might end up throwing up. He showed me how to mix it with water and take  it like a (really terrible tasting) shot or how some people buy the empty capsule to take it, because it tastes so bad!

I was willing to give it a go. I brought it home and my roommate and I decided we would try it together. It was so bad tasting, I wondered how we would do any more of it. But about 15 minutes later, my neck wasn’t tense anymore. My headache has eased and I felt very stress free. I was happy for the first time in a long time. Being us girls, we both got super chatty and just chit chatted away, without a care in the world. There is no psychoactive ingredient, so you don’t get high, but you can feel your body react to it, and release tensions. It can be a bit of a stimulant too, which explains our chattiness.

Now I typically use it about 2 days a week, as its really easy to build up tolerance, and I don’t have much desire to ingesting more than I need to, to receive the effects. I use it when I get home from work in a smoothie, mostly when I know have to do something, like clean my room, or do the laundry- it gives me the right amount of energy to get it done, without being overstimulated (and typically I don’t need any of my anti-anxiety medicine when I use it). I also use it on the weekends, It really helps me get started on a project that I want to, without having to take more of my stimulant medication. I don’t feel anxious while i’m using it, and to me that means a great deal. I don’t want my nights and days off to feel anxious and worried about something when I can get crafty, and use the little energy boost to take care of my home.

I can understand that someone with an addiction problem, could possibly take this drug daily, steadily increasing their tolerance and taking more and more to get a greater affect.

There are stories of the terrors of the leaf, which has been used in ancient medicines for a very long time, and there are some stories from those who have serious opiate addictions, who you Kratom to stop using opiates. Kratom can react with the opiate receptors in our Brian, which is why it provides a powerful pain reliever, but it is that aspect of Kratom that has helped so many recover from their opiate addictions.

Has. Anyone else used Kratom? What do you feel the effects are, and what is your position on weather its dangerous, or medicinal?

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