Grow Through What You Go Through

The next few days were a struggle, I wasn’t sure what the exact consequences were of my actions the previous night, but I was learning from various online searches what I really got myself into. The legal limits and consequences for my county. I knew i was screwed. I threw up.

I dug and dug into information I found at my fingertips, I was riddled with anxiety, questions pounding through my head. How I was going to tell my parents and some of my friends what had happened. I knew this was going to cost me, but I had no idea how much.

After the accident the police took me to a nearby parking lot to do a roadside test, which I agreed to. I remember thinking “I do yoga, so like, these balance tests will be easy” well let me tell ya folks, they weren’t easy. I couldn’t walk in a straight line, my head followed the flashlight when only my eyes were supposed to. And when asked to stand on one foot, and raise the other… well that one I actually did well, which you will see nowhere on the police’s paperwork. I am sure they had me doing tests until they had enough against me to arrest me. I do remember failing one, and asking if I could do it over again, because I really wanted to pass it. At least I was entertaining.

When I was handcuffed to a metal chair at the police station, I can only imagine how I was acting. I am sure I wasn’t a handful, I actually remember telling the police stories and laughing at my own “Hilarious” jokes. I remember telling them about my parents and how pissed off they would be with me, I remember being highly interested in the machine that takes your fingerprints, and asking them to retake my picture, because I didn’t think I looked good in the first ones they got. Drunk and apparently charming, with absolutely no idea what the severity of my actions were at that moment. I remember telling the police stories, and crying a lot. They allowed me to make a few calls- I choose to call my both my Ex and my Rebound. I described the relationship to the police officers, I am sure they were highly intrigued by my romantic life.

Ex boyfriend called the station to see if I needed bail posted, or if I had been “booked” (which I didn’t event know what that meant at the time). I had texted him somehow on the way home seeing if he was awake, and remember trying to call him while the police were on the way to the scene of the crime. I did get in accident close to his house, perhaps I was trying to go see him? We had an on again off again “trying to be friends” type of relationship. Which basically meant we never got fully over each other and hooked up occasionally when intoxicated. We spoke regularly, but I mostly just bought weed from him, and had a beer or two with him very now and then.

He answered one of my calls once I was allowed to use my cell phone, and he told me he had been drinking and wasn’t able to come and get me. Apparently this was very upsetting to me. I told the police I didn’t want to talk to him. Really mature. He called the station a few times, and the nice police officer reminded me that it was him calling, again…

So the next try was to the rebound boyfriend. We had broken up once, but were still hanging out and had kept our sexual life in tact. He answered the phone and told me he would come get me right away. He showed grave concern and was very kind to me on the phone. He had a long way to drive to come pick me up, so I let the police know that he was coming, and they agreed to wait for him. Which in hindsight was really nice of them. I had refused to do a breathalyzer, and submitted a blood sample, they decided not to hold me overnight (THANK GOD) and released me to the custody of my rebound boyfriend.

I cried and cried and told him I was sorry for the inconvenience of having to come pick me up. He said it was ok, kissed my forehead, and let me know how much worse I would feel tomorrow, and that he was just happy I was alive, and hadn’t killed anyone. He had brought his dog with him, which I remember being incredible. I held his cute puppy face when I got in the car, and he licked my tears away. Somehow I think dogs know when we need them to most. He kept his head in my lap the whole ride home. I was so grateful that this man was there by my side, being supportive and kind to me. He was also a car mechanic which proved to be very useful the next day, considering I had no idea what my car looked like from the accident, or if it was even drivable.

I woke up to the worst hangover of my life, throwing up from stress and drinking so heavily on an empty stomach. I couldn’t calm down. I got in the shower and sat on the floor shaking, holding myself, wondering what the hell had I just done? How bad was it really? What was this all going to cost me? What would I tell my parents? Where the F is my car and how do I get it back? Was there anything in my car that could get into more trouble? Shaking, throwing up, and crying.. where do you even start?

I called my parents and told them I needed to talk and that I would drive the commute to come and talk to them in person. Well they thought I had gotten pregnant or something else that would change my life forever, but they weren’t expecting this. I told my dad stories about the police station and how entertaining I was, I told them I had no idea what would happen, and they didn’t know either. They were just thankful I was ok.

We were all in for a big surprise.. it wouldn’t be until a couple months later that we all knew what was going to happen, and how much it would all cost.

I picked up the phone, and called the “Best DUI Lawyers in Denver”

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